Have you been asking yourself these questions...

What kind of life do I want to create? What kind of message do I want to share? 
What kind of impact do I want to have?

You've landed in the right place. Let's talk about how we can work together to consciously create your dream life.

"I always love your masterclasses.  

You made me feel like a holistic wellness entrepreneur again, and I’m so excited."

- Cassandra Short, momtrepreneur

Ever felt like you needed someone in your corner to give you that extra little push in the right direction?

Or like if you had someone to bounce ideas off of... you could finally hit (and maintain) your rank?

Hi. I'm who you've been waiting for, my friend. We can work together, one-on-one, which means you can keep me in your back pocket as your mentor and coach.

I'm certified through both The Life Coach School and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and have a signature mindset management process I use that never fails to break barriers and bring results.

Curious about plant magic?

I'm not trying to be cute when I called essential oils "plant magic" because the truth is... they literally transformed my health from the inside out (and at every level, too). Not to mention they're the reason I and my fam have the time & financial freedom we do today. You can experience these same results. It's super easy. 

Looking to add a skill or two?

I've got a library of courses that may be right up your alley! With my Lifestyle courses, you can learn how to build healthy habits, clean up your diet & find holistic happiness. And with my business courses, you can learn about mindset management + basic biz techniques. 

"It’s easy to believe that successful people are somehow cheating a system to which the rest are captive. Seize this opportunity to hang out with Hayley as she invites you to turn your headspace (the real source of captivity) into heart space. Let her simple yet profound 31 chapters serve like an a la carte menu where your heart selects the next meal to nurture your capacity to GET IT DONE!"
- Laura Jacobs, doTERRA Presidential Double Diamond, Author, Speaker, Holistic Health, Life & Business Coach
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Each tip has 3 ideas which actually means you get 9 (!!) ideas you can start using right away to improve your habits and work toward achieving (w)holistic happiness.