It’s time to become empowered.
What is Plant Magic? 
AKA... what are essential oils? I’m glad you asked… 

An essential oil is a volatile aromatic compound found in some of nature’s most basic gifts (seeds, bark, roots, stems, flowers, plant pieces) that have AH-mazing benefits on our physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.  

With plant magic, you can...
  • Take control of your physical, emotional and even financial health.
  • Begin to consciously create a life of physical, emotional and mental (and even financial wealth).
  • Find balance by becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Discover purpose by helping improve the lives of others.  

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I don't have a chemistry background, but here’s a quick science lesson. Essential oils are considered compounds because at room temperature they rapidly transform from a solid or liquid into a gas (volatile). Fun Fact, so far there have been over 3,000 volatile aromatic compounds discovered in oils. 

Not all oils are created equal. Be careful if it’s not a dōTERRA Essential Oil. It might be a bottle of synthetic perpetrators faking the funk. dōTERRA is the real deal. A brand you can trust backed by science and purity.

I’m a girl who wants to know where her essential oils come from and what methods are used to harvest and distill. Don’t you?

Are you hungry for purpose?

You know the little voice inside of your heart whispering. "there’s gotta be more!

The part of you tired of walking through life on rinse, cycle, and repeat. 

Sometimes it takes stepping out of your comfort zone and answering the call to work ON yourself that brings the change you've been craving.
Perhaps you're like me... At age of 5, I was diagnosed with digestive discomfort. Little did I know, digestive issues were my gateway to sleepless nights, anxiety and mood problems. *Sigh*

No matter how well my success “looked” on the outside, my insides were literally tearing me apart. I wanted more out of life and kept searching for happiness.

#Truth, if it wasn't for essential oils, I’d still be bogged down by my own “problems” instead of helping people like YOU.

Do you, too, want to feel incredible, both physically and emotionally?  And maybe help others feel amazing too?
Now that I have your undivided attention… it’s about to get real.
If you have all the money in the world but don’t have (w)holistic wellness are you truly wealthy?

The answer is: No.

I’m an essential oil believer because it changed my life and gave me relief that Western Medicine couldn't.
It WILL help you too.  #pinkieswear

Curious how essential oils have specifically helped me?

  • A few drops of Digest Zen rubbed on my tummy daily helps ease the digestive discomfort.

  • I love to use Frankincense in my skincare routine because it boosts the anti-aging power. Not to mention it helps to keep inflammation at bay.

  • When I'm feeling kinda down and just need a boost of happy feelings and sharpness, I inhale Citrus Bliss or Wild Orange

I just wanted to send you some love and tell you that you are truly one of the bravest people I've met.  I know you probably already know this, but I just wanted to reiterate it.  You are such an inspiration to so many people and I feel very grateful to have been sitting next to you on the plane that day we met. 

I often think about about how completely my life and my families lives changed by meeting you. You shared three drops of oils to help my daughter with her anxiety and you started a domino effect of wellness in our lives. I can’t imagine not having these oils and products in our lives. You stirred a fire that was inside of me that day, giving me hope and a purpose. Because you took the time to share your story, I have a story now to share with others who wouldn’t have found these amazing oils. And what’s even more, I have a new passion in life. I’ve gained a community of amazing people who want to serve drop at a time! 
-Heather Ivarsen - Wellness Advocate

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How to Start Your Own Holistic Wellness Business Without
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In class you'll hear the rest of the details about what becoming a (w)holistic wellness entrepreneur looks like plus how to get started.

Here are some quick reminders:

You can collaborate, edit, rewrite and turn the page, of your life story (embody a life of health and wellness). 

You can become a part of something “bigger” (a wellness movement). 

You can experience abundance spiritually, physically and financially.

You can create your own reality. 

We setup a time to talk. During our short call, we'll talk about your life can change with essential oils + how you can get the same wholesale pricing I do. 

You'll choose your kit you'd like to get started with. There are a few options available to fit any budget. I'll help you choose the kit that's best for your goals. 

Optionally, you can become my Apprentice which means you'll build a business that will bring financial freedom in addition to physical & emotional healing.

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Are any of these you?
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You want more out of your life.
You are ready for a change.
You are jumping up and down (cue Justin Timberlake) and are excited to become healthier, stronger, wiser and financially fit.

"I started using essential oils to help my children with their learning disabilities and to enhance their focus. I feel blessed at how much more these oils and this company have provided for me and my family. doTERRA is not only about oils. Is about hope, friends, empowerment and sharing. Thank you for everything. I am a better version of me." 
-Georgianna Boian, Silver Wellness Advocate, Presedinte of Asociatia Alex