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Be a part of a community of women on a journey to improve their overall wellness by becoming more productive, healthy, and rested.

Habit Hackers is the place to work more closely with me on your holistic happiness journey. 

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Your Whole You:  6 Weeks to Healthier Habits & Holistic Happiness

You'll learn how to get off the hot mess express (ya know... the life of constant overwhelm, feeling behind, wanting to pull your hair out because you can't figure out how to keep your shiz together) and fully step into your life as a badass wellness babe -- in 6 weeks!. 

Your habits for how you care for your home, your health, and your fam will totally change for the better.

Become a Health Coach - 
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

When I got serious about my wellness journey, I knew becoming a health coach was the step for me. 

I did this through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition's program. The knowledge, skills and experience I gained there is truly priceless. If you've been considering leveling up your wellness journey, you may want to pursue becoming a coach. 

My wife and I are big fans of yours. We are in the business of networking and my wife loves your courses. Keep up the great work & fun!

- Kreel Hutchinson
Your Whole Biz

Ever wondered how people with an existing wellness biz bring what they do into the online space? Wonder no more. 

Your Whole Biz will help you catch the vision for how it’s possible to add an online component to your existing wellness business -- to increase your income, your impact and your influence.
Start A Holistic Wellness Business 

If you're looking for a way to not only improve your lifestyle by integrating plant magic into your routines... then you may also want to think about how you can leverage that new-found passion into a profitable business by starting your own holistic wellness business.

You get all my resources, knowledge & support as you launch your biz.
Social Downline

My signature course. Social Downline, is your proven roadmap to consciously create your network marketing business.

I've spent almost a decade and tens of thousands of dollars learning what I'm teaching you in this course. 
If you want to learn how to do what I did with your own direct sales business online, this course is for you.

Still not sure? Think about One-On-One Coaching.
If you want to work with me directly and consistently to overcome your mindset blocks, break through emotional barriers and seriously up-level your biz know-how... then 1-1 coaching may be right for you. 

You set the pace. We work together on the things you care about, while you learn how to consciously create the life and business of your dreams.

"If you want to get something done, ask a busy person to do it." In the ten years, I have known Hayley, I have seen her life literally explode in the best of ways. Along with all of her success came the very valuable lessons of organization which she shares in her stories. The teachings of mindfulness and awareness are the key to living a life that serves us rather than drains us. Hayley keeps it real and makes it look like fun. She will motivate you to clean up your act and make room for great things." 

Desiree Rumbaugh, Author, World Renown Yoga Teacher