I went from hot mess to healthy hacks &
holistic happiness expert one badass choice at a time.
Now I teach other women like YOU to walk the same path. 

It all starts with that first step.

My first step was walking away from a pretty comfortable career as an attorney. I felt a strong pull to help people make small, significant changes that would have a lasting impact on their overall health. 

Health and wellness is central to who I am. For years, I struggled to get a good night's rest or even just get grounded in my body.

After becoming hospital bound, I began taking steps to build my own path to complete wellness --  physical, emotional, spiritual, and eventually financial. 

This led to my studies as a yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, health coach, and then life coach. 

I could feel myself becoming healed from the inside out - through plant magic, and the alternative forms of wellness I was choosing to dedicate myself to. I knew I had to begin sharing my story, and the solutions that had helped me transform my life, with others. 
Believe me... there was a part of me that was scared to share my journey with the rest of the world. 
I wondered if it was impractical to walk away from a six figure income just in hopes that my pipe dreams would come true. 

I realized is when it comes to our individual health and wellness, we do know best and everything we need to succeed is already inside of us.

My biggest passion now is helping other women, like you, see all of the freedom and potential out there.

My mission is to empower women with the thought that they TOO can consciously create a life that results in a healthier, holistically happier lifestyle… while bringing financial freedom to their family. 
"If you want to get something done, ask a busy person to do it." In the ten years, I have known Hayley, I have seen her life literally explode in the best of ways. Along with all of her success came the very valuable lessons of organization which she shares in her stories. The teachings of mindfulness and awareness are the key to living a life that serves us rather than drains us. Hayley keeps it real and makes it look like fun. She will motivate you to clean up your act and make room for great things." Desiree Rumbaugh, Author, World Renown Yoga Teacher

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